1. Green Light Project

a better way to go green

In 2012, we named our flagship CSR endeavor ‘Green Light Project’ and put our values into action in Tanzania and Malawi. We built a school in Nagashanqui, Tanzania and a community center in Salima, Malawi. We donated vehicles to undertake education and public health programs and enhance the mobility of area residents. Kia Motors is providing food, water, and medical supplies to children and other local inhabitants suffering from malnutrition and disease. We are also running educational programs designed to promote self-reliance. The Green Light Project, Kia Motors’ collaborative effort with Good Neighbors, Food for the Hungry, and SBS’ Africa Schools of Hope Project, will continue to expand its scope, helping a growing number of African communities stand on their own feet.


Offering opportunities.

Progress Method

Growth and Self-Subsistence



Provide Learning Opportunities

Provide a place to achieve self-realization those children who have lost their learning opportunities due to poor education conditions (Infra, Transportation)


Improve the Basic Quality of Life

Improve the basic health and hygiene conditions of children and communities who are facing high mortality rate, spread of pandemic diseases and malnutrition.

Recognition Improvement

Community Empowerment

Improve community empowerment by strengthening the power of local community, and fostering community leaders through effort to improve the basic recognition.

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2. Programs to Expand Access to education

Kia Motors undertakes CSR projects to address challenges facing local communities in Korea and overseas where our worksites are located. In the United States, we donated 1 million dollars to, an online charity for classroom projects, to help public schools struggling from budget cuts with the growing US budget deficit. Our decision to contribute to an education charity was based on a survey of 219 US dealers and employee feedback. Kia Motors will continue donating to to support the advancement of public education in the United States. Halfway across the globe in China, where social polarization is intensifying, we are building Hope Primary Schools through Project Hope, a Chinese state-run public service project for children in poverty-stricken communities.

We joined the project in 2010, and work is currently underway with the goal of building or refurbishing 30 Hope Primary Schools, 14 of which have been completed. And through the ongoing Kia Village Construction Project launched in 2009, we have built 90 homes in Sichuan and Guangdong.

Project Hope
Project Hope China
Project Hope Building