Kia City Cars

City life is for those who relish a busy and energetic life. Such a life deserves a city car that can stand up to face the urban jungle with zeal.

When you find the perfect small city car, you realise that you can fit into compact parking spaces you never thought possible. On the way to a meeting you zip through traffic jams like a cool breeze, causing looks of jealousy from other driver's.

If this is you then the Kia Rio or the Kia Cerato Hatch are both designed for you. Browse our range of city cars or read to learn more how these cars are built for the city.

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City Car Value

Just because a city car is smaller than other cars, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get value for your money. Value comes in two forms though. First there's the up front features and extras that come with the car. Then there’s also the value you get in the long run via fuel economy and resale value. It’s important to keep all these things in mind whilst shopping.

The Kia Rio 3 Door S is a fuel efficient city car that sips fuel with a 1.6l engine using only 5.6L per 100km. Combined with power steering, power windows, 6 airbags, Bluetooth/iPod® compatibility and air-conditioning standard – it’s hard to find a better car under $14,000.

The Cerato Hatch S packs more punch with extra boot space and cruise control functionality but is priced a little higher at $19,990.

To sweeten the deal, all Kia models come with a 7 Year Unlimited KM Warranty.

City Car Design

Dressing to impress has been proven to be able to give us a psychological boost of confidence. Your car is an extension of your dress. If you’re looking to succeed in the city, be sure to make sure your car matches your style and desire to move up in the world.

Peter Schreyer is one of the world’s most renowned car designers having worked for many leading European brands. The Kia Rio and Cerato Hatch have all received his magic touch.

City Car Space and comfort

If you’re single or double income and no kids, then perhaps space and comfort for your passengers isn’t a deal breaker. But, if you’re a social butterfly or thinking about starting a family, it might be good to find the right balance between small city car and passenger comfort.

Whilst it’s worth testing out the back seats in any car you plan to drive, our recommendation is to go for the Kia Rio 5 Door or the Kia Cerato Hatch.

Automatic Vs. Manual City Cars

Whilst it’s often a personal preference, the choice to go with either manual or an automatic city car can be an tough decision to make. In most cases driving in the city is very start/stop/start/stop. Choosing an automatic might be a great choice if you’re always thinking about a million and one things. Give your mind one less thing to think about so that you can focus on the important stuff.

Both the Cerato Hatch and the Rio are available in automatic and manual.

On the other hand perhaps you’re a die-hard manual driver. Operating in manual mode is as automatic for you as driving an automatic (plus you love the feeling of manual when you get out on the open highway).

City Car Safety

Just because you’re not hitting high speeds on a regular basis, doesn’t mean that there is any less risk in driving in the city. It’s also especially important to feel confident that your car will be safe on the open road.

Whilst we can’t stop minor dings and scrapes from daily wear and tear, all of our cars are rated 5 out of 5 Stars for safety by ANCAP. 

Kia City Cars

Kia Rio 3 Door & 5 Door

Having won the Car Sales People’s Choice Award, the Kia Rio 3 door or Kia Rio 5 door is well respected by both experts and the public as an excellent city car. With an updated silhouette and the latest technology, it’s a small city car you can be proud to drive to meetings in.

Kia Cerato Hatch

With stunning exterior looks and space to boot, the Kia Cerato Hatch is easily able to keep up with your modern lifestyle. Chuck your junk in the trunk on a Friday morning and be ready to hit the highway for a weekend getaway as soon as you clock off.