Family Cars

Looking for a new family car? The Kia range has an excellently reviewed and safe range of small carsmedium sized cars and SUVs. There’s certain to be something to suit your needs.

Browse our range of family cars below or read on to learn more about family cars and if one is right for you.

    1. All-New Carnival Kia Carnival Badge White Kia Carnival Platinum
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    2. Rondo Kia Rondo Badge White Kia Rondo Platinum Profile View
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    3. All-New Sportage Kia Next Generation Sportage Badge All-new Kia Sportage in Fiery Red
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    4. All-New Sorento All-New Sorento All-New Kia Sorento
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    5. Soul Kia Soul Badge Silver Kia Soul MY16
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    6. All-New Optima All New Optima All-New Kia Optima
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    7. New Cerato Sedan Kia Cerato Sedan Badge Snow White Kia Cerato Sedan
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    8. New Cerato Hatch Kia Cerato Hatch Badge Snow White Kia Cerato Hatch
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    9. Rio Kia Rio Badge Rio 5 door Si
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    What is the best family car to buy?

    The most important thing to consider when purchasing a new family car is simply enough, you’re family.

    Kids, do you have 2, 3, 4 or more? Or are there more furry family members in your brood?

    Do you have coastal surfing daughters? Or does your brood prefer to keep grounded and chuck a soccer ball in the boot?

    Is zipping around the city the aim of the game or will you be doing more long holiday drives?

    By understanding what you need, the right choice will reveal itself with ease. Here are 8 questions to get you thinking about what you need.

    Remember to also consider what your family might be like in the future.

    1. How many seats do you need and who will be sitting in them (will you have friends on board often)?
    2. How much boot space do you regularly and irregularly need (do you do the shopping before you pick up the kids from school)?
    3. Will you need to move any bulky items (like prams, sports gear or luggage)?
    4. What sort of driving will you be doing (hilly areas, long holiday drives or just start and stop city school drop offs)?
    5. What level of comfort do you want (will zone air-conditioning keep you everyone happy and quiet)?
    6. How easily do you need to be able to access all seats in your car (will you be putting baby seats in and out)?
    7. Do you need two cars (or is it more economical for your family to get one larger people mover)?
    8. What safety features give you the best level of protection?
    9. What style suits your personality and budget (are you after a more sleek and sexy look)?

    Small Family Cars

    If you have a petite sized family, a small sized car might be the perfect solution - especially if you’re planning to upgrade only as your family grows.

    This may also be a great choice if you live in the city. Making sure you can easily get a park and get your young people out of the car and into their homework before dinner is a small detail that can make your life a lot easier.

    Kia has a great range of top value small family cars that operate economically and don’t scrimp on quality or safety.

    Kia Small Family Sedans

    The Kia Cerato has a stylish European look and feel. Combined with great comfort levels the Cerato Sedan comes in 4 different grades meaning you can spend more if you want more features, or just pay for only those you need. With a strong fuel economy of just 6.6L per 100km the Kia Cerato is a great choice for any family looking for a solid all round performer.

    Kia Family Coupes

    The Kia Cerato Koup is the slim sleek and stylish 5 Star ANCAP rated Kia Coupe. If you’re looking for a perfect balance between sport and sedan, the sleek 2 door look of this coupe is a perfect choice. You also have the option of choosing a turbo option if you like something with a little more power.

    Kia Family Hatchbacks

    At Kia we love a hatchback. We currently feature 3 family style hatchbacks and one turbo charged hatchback for bigger kids.

    What’s so great about hatchbacks? They may be small in size and great for city driving, but they can also have great versatility with ample second row seating space, fold down back rows and large boot space.

    The Kia RioKia Cerato Hatch and Kia Soul are our 3 family choices. The Soul in particular deserves a special mention. Whilst labelled a hatchback, it has a 4x4 styling with higher seating positions and an awesomely boxy yet spacious body shape.

    Medium Sized Family Cars

    Medium sized sedans can afford you a bit more space than your normal vehicle. This can be handy to retain that small sized car driving feel whilst getting that extra little bit of comfort and storage space.

    Medium sized cars may also have slightly more power than their smaller compatriots.

    Kia Medium Sized Family Sedans

    The Kia range only features one official medium sized car – but it’s also our flagship sedan! Designed by Peter Schreyer the Kia Optima features sleek European styling.

    Large Family Cars

    If you’re numbers are growing fast or you seem to have friends over all the time, a large car is the only choice for you. Being able to quickly and easily get everyone into their seats and get moving is the name of the game.

    Kia Family SUVs

    Driving an SUV gives you the feeling of being elevated up and away from the madness of the roads. Perfect for finding some quiet space during busy family life!

    The Kia Range features 2 SUVs. The Kia Sportage is a great affordable SUV that will get the job done with comfort and space.

    If you need a bit more space, the Kia Sorento is the best choice for you. The seven-seater incorporates high tech features such as built-in satellite navigation - perfect for your next big Australian family adventure.

    Kia Family People Movers

    People movers are the original family car. Whilst you might not initially consider looking at one, here are three great reasons we think you should.

    1. Letting your children bring friends along is a great way to help them develop their social circles.
    2. The atmosphere of a car full of people on an adventure is awesome!

    The Kia Range features 2 people movers to choose from. The Rondo is the 7 seater that got all the looks – with a sleek body outline you certainly won’t feel like you’re driving a bus.

    But the Kia vehicle that really maximises utility for the family is the Kia Carnival. It features 8 seats in total, plus it has a great host of Accessories meaning you can customise it to suit your families’ exact needs.