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Like a bit of adventure in your life? Opt for one of Kia’s SUV Cars and experience a thrilling ride

Browse our range of SUVs below, or read on to learn more about SUVs and if one is right for you.

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What is an SUV?

An SUV, short for sport utility vehicle, is a vehicle which is designed to offer the driver practicality and adventure in their driving experience.

SUV’s are characterised by having both on and off road capabilities with towing abilities. They also have spacious interiors with room for your friends, family and storage capacity.

SUV On & Off Road Capabilities

Kia’s ranges of SUV’s are ideal for those wanting a car with both on and off road capabilities. These capabilities enable you to drive with ease on both busy, narrow city streets and open off road dirt tracks.  

Both the Kia Sportage and Kia Sorento SUV have AWD capabilities which offer the driver with more control as they navigate difficult roads. The differential between the two shafts in SUV’s with AWD capabilities allows the front and back wheels to spin at different speeds without being locked together.

For those drivers who do need to navigate between both on and off roads, an SUV with AWD capabilities is ideal as it is permanently on allowing you peace of mind when you move suddenly between terrains.

Enjoy Interior Space & Comfort In An SUV

Choose from either the 5 seat Sportage or the Kia Sorento SUV depending on your seating needs.

Either way, you are sure to have plenty of room for all your family and friends, whether going on a family holiday or an off road adventure with mates.

As the driver you need to be sure to drive with comfort and with features such as 8-way power driver’s seat with lumbar support, you can be sure to drive in comfort for the short and long drives.


With plenty of storage places within our range of SUV’s such as cup holders, coat hooks and luggage nets you are sure to find a place for all your things. With foldable rear seats in both the Sorento and Sportage you can not only conveniently store smaller items such as sunglasses but also larger equipment and bulkier items such as luggage.

Towing Capabilities

When going on road trips with friends you will require additional cargo capacity. This is possible through the exceptional towing capabilities available across our range of SUV’s. Bring along a small boat to your next family trip with maximum unbraked towing capacities at 750 kg on both the Kia Sorento and Kia Sportage. This increases to a maximum of 2000kg on vehicles such as the Sorento.

SUV’s and Fuel Efficiency

SUV’s are traditionally thought to be fuel guzzlers. This is not the case at Kia.

Don’t be fooled by our SUV’s size and capabilities! The Kia Sorento is an SUV which delivers exceptional performance; its high fuel efficiency adds to this. The 2.2L Diesel engine uses only 7.3L of fuel per 100 km. Not only is this SUV fuel efficient but powerful, producing 145kW of power and 436Nm of torque.

SUV Accessories

The Kia range of SUV’s come with a range of great features as standard but these vehicles are also customisable to exactly fit your personal requirements.

We offer customers a variety of unique accessories to ensure your SUV suits your individual taste.

Check out the range of accessories available across the range and find what can make your driving experience perfect.

Improved Functionality

Depending on your body and strength, SUV’s can be tricky to get in and out of. By adding an aluminium side step set you are able to tackle this issue and make travelling in an SUV an enjoyable experience for all those involved.

Whether you have your grandparents visiting or young children, Kia’s accessories help with improving the functionality of an SUV.

Increased Storage

Sure, you have ample boot space in all Kia SUVs, but there are also certain items you may not be able to store in there such as a bicycle. Also, if you have a car at full capacity you may not be able to fold down rear seats to increase storage capacity.

It is at times like this that you may need add ons such as roof racks or roof pods  to make sure all your passengers travel in comfort and you have the ability to transport all you need for that weekend adventure.

Kia SUVs

Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is an award winning SUV which offers the driver style, comfort and practicality.

Its size and capabilities make it the ideal car to navigate both city streets and dirt tracks with.

This seven seater is the perfect size for a large family or a group of friends who have a sense of adventure about them. With high towing capabilities and AWD functionalities, the Kia Sorento provides you with a drive which is both exciting and practical.

Kia Sportage

With a striking exterior which exudes power and sophistication, the Kia Sportage looks great.

This defined exterior is just an indication of the cars exceptional abilities and features such as electric power steering which puts the power in your hands. This car has our seven year factory warranty as standard as well as a five star ANCAP safety rating which can put your mind at ease as you navigate off roads.

With AWD capabilities, you can rest assured that the Kia Sportage will be able to navigate even the most difficult of terrains and weather conditions as they change.