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All-New Kia Sportage Reviews

Want to know if the All-New Kia Sportage will fit into your diverse city vs. country driving lifestyle? Find out what the experts are saying about the Kia Sportage - from its stunning style and design features to its impressive driving specifications, the Kia Sportage has the versatility and practicality to fit into any lifestyle.

  • Overall rating 9.0
  • Comfort 8.9
  • Build quality 8.9
  • Performance 8.9
  • Fun to drive 9.0
  • Practicality 9.0
  • Fuel economy 8.5
  • Features and specification 9.0
  • Value for money 9.0

    Just a nice car to drive

  2. CLIVE Chelsea

    Nice Style. Very good fuel economy. Value for money. So far good quality equipment. Very good warranty.

    GPS could be more customizable. Choice of fields on map limited. Rear heated seats can be accidently turned on when seats are down. Clock should always be visible on screen even with radio turned off.

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