Kia Cost of Ownership

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At Kia, we recognise that the true cost of ownership (often referred to as “whole-of-life” cost) goes far beyond the initial purchase price of a motor vehicle. Indeed, it also includes fuel economy, service & repair costs, registration and resale or residual value. Before you know it, all these factors can really add up.

That’s why we’ve packaged together a range of innovative service features to help minimise the overall Cost of Ownership for your business. Take our 7-Year Unlimited Km Warranty, for instance – recently extended beyond a 150,000km cap. It’s designed to offer you the peace-of-mind that comes with reducing your costs for the long-term. And it comes with our standard Capped Price Servicing, free Roadside Assistance and long service intervals that you’ll enjoy when you purchase a new Kia for your fleet.

Resale/Residual Value

It is little wonder that around the globe, savvy buyers are looking at the diverse range of Kia vehicles to help deliver their business model. With strong residual values and vehicles with market-leading features, it is an easy decision to purchase a Kia for your business. A 7-Year Unlimited Km transferrable Warranty and Capped Price Servicing mean that there is transparency in future whole-of-life costs when selling at the end of your lease. Knowing these costs up front gives greater clarity for the prospective second hand car buyer.

Other important benefits to total cost of ownership that Kia provide are: