7 Year Roadside Assist

How to get yours for FREE.

Even with the greatest care in the world, there are times when the unexpected happens. You lose your keys. You run out of fuel. Or you leave on the lights and need a jump-start.

That’s why nationwide Kia Roadside Assist makes good sense. And it makes even better sense if you can keep getting it for free – which you can, through Kia Connect.

While your new Kia is backed by 12 months of complimentary Roadside Assist*, you can qualify for ongoing assistance by simply returning your vehicle to your local Kia service centre for its annual scheduled services. Each time you do, you’ll be enrolled for further Roadside Assist at no cost. Your membership will remain valid until your next annual scheduled service, and will be renewed once an authorised Kia service centre has completed that service.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a win-win situation, and you’re the winner each time. You get an annual capped price service that ensures the optimal performance of your vehicle, and you get ongoing complimentary Kia Roadside Assist. Not bad.

Excludes vehicles over seven years of age.

To get in touch with the Roadside Assist team, call 1800 080 655

* Complimentary Roadside Assist for new vehicles. Applicable only to vehicles sold after 1st August 2012. Existing vehicles sold before the 1st August 2012 will be added to the Kia Connect Capped Price Service program. Refer to link for applicable models or contact your local dealer.

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